Friday, July 30, 2010

: Wash Wednesday :

Summer Domesticity ~ Warm Breeze ~ Luminous Sunshine ~ Fantastic Color ~ Meditative Simplicity



  1. Love the colors! What a gorgeous rainbow :)

  2. Once again, love the color organization. OCD much? hahaha, just foolin. It looks pretty cool.

  3. Jenna, I did it because it looks a heck of a lot prettier than what it would have looked like had I randomly thrown everything up there. OCD in this case stands for Obvious Creative Domesticity rather than the meaning you had in mind. :)

    Rose, thanks for noticing. :) I thought so too.

  4. It is a nice wash day. There are so many cloths hanging on the rope. There is the same situation at my home on Sunday. Because of me and my wife doing a job so every Sunday is a wash day for us.