Friday, July 16, 2010

: Friday : Moment :

......This moment, a tradition inspired by Soulemama, to be savored, no need for words, a memory in the making....

Gratitude this Week
I am grateful for:


Our lucky situation, despite our unfortunate situation


The fact that Daniel has only to endure 4 1/2 more months of school

Our growing children...wonderful to continue to watch them develop both physically and mentally

Every day being a new beginning

Balance....hard to attain at times, but fantastic when it is achieved


I really do love when you share what you are grateful for, though I may not always have time to comment back. I definitely do appreciate your thoughts. So, go ahead and continue sharing with all of us. By the way, have yourselves a dandy weekend.  :o)



  1. WOW! Great shot and wonderful performance!! And this is our THIS MOMENT from ITALY!
    Have a nice week end! Ciao!

  2. had many of those moments here as well. great shots!

  3. Wow, awesome shots! Thanks for sharing :) Here's our moment:

    Happy weekend :)

  4. he landed it! Awesome!!


  5. What a great trick, and how wonderful you caught it the way you did!

  6. Great captures....quite talented.

    My Moment: Summertime is Bumble Bees and Sunflowers

  7. This got big smiles from me... We're not quite there yet (my boys are six and three), but I can definitely imagine my younger one doing this someday!

    I love your bio...


  8. wow, great pics and great experience! nice week end!

  9. How fun!

    our moment is at a music festival in northern Michigan:

  10. It must be just mind blowing to have boys!
    I have 2 girls my reality is just so different...I LOVE watching my friends kids though...especially those boys as they get to be 10 or so years old...they just blow me away with all the cool things they can do, and the neat people they're becoming!
    Great photo...and great blog...I'm off to explore it for a bit!
    xo maureen