Monday, May 31, 2010

: Monday : Nourishment :

This week, there has been much improvisation and reusing of materials instead of just composting them.

Thursday morning's leftover oatmeal became "burger" patties at lunch with the help of some organic salsa and an egg.

Crackers were pretty good, though I would like to find an even better recipe before providing a link.

Falafel for lunch on Friday.

The old-fashioned homemade pancake recipe I used Sunday morning can be found here. They were delish, but next time, I think I will use an alternative flour, like oat or amaranth. They will be healthier that way, and they might produce some better flavors. They are simply accompanied by scrambled eggs with a little milk and organic salsa, and some bacon (which we get maybe twice a year...we are usually pretty vegetarian, but moreso flexatarian).

Sunday night, I threw together some leftover farina cereal, rice and cous cous with freshly chopped and sauteed onion, red pepper, organic carrots, and garlic. I also added organic garbanzo and kidney beans, along with coriander, sea salt, curry, and turmeric. The flavor and texture of this dish resembled that of biryani, which we used to enjoy years ago when we used to eat out.

Leftover Cream of Wheat experimental cookies...they were very tasy and sweet, but I must refine the texture a bit before sharing my recipe. I like my cookies moist and chewy.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

: Sunday : Reflection :

This weekend was wonderful in that it was very warm and clear out, but it was so fresh and spring-like. Bees saturating the flower-painted meadows, birds singing in at least 10 different dialiects, new buds, new neon green pine needles at the tips of each branch, chilly creeks from the melting snow up the mountain further....


This week we had a lovely graduation, a few hikes, some bridge making, baking, knitting, starting the quilt, making a kitchen for Jared and Dylan out of an old wooden shelf and a teeny little fridge we had from a few years ago, thinking of several ways to become more sustainable in the future, pondering the raising of sheep and expanding the garden, further organizing our home and life, and just enjoying the children as they grow...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

Friday was a day of celebration..a right of passage. Jared, my middle guy, graduated from his Montessori preschool here in the pines. This was certainly a journey for him, though he wasn't entirely fond of being put on the spot in front of the overstimulating room filled with onlooking parents and families. I caught several pictures at the ceremony, but my camera wasn't cooperating with the dark room, so I omitted several photos from the ceremony.

This was one of the happier looks on his bashful little face when he was up there.

Lukey (10), Jared (4), Dylan (2), and Daddy.

 Stage Play.

I am so proud of Jared's beautiful journey through this school year. He has bloomed and grown so much, I feel overwhelmed with happiness and yet sadness that my baby is now becoming such a big boy. I am loving this journey called motherhood and blessed to be given the gift of watching over these wonderful human beings as they grow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

: Friday : Moment :

This moment is a tradition started by Soulemama, whereas, one photograph is selected from the preceding week and posted with no caption....Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you want to participate in the collection of moments, then place your link in the comments below.

This week I am grateful for...

~My significant other. He is working extremely hard to give this family a better future.~

~Patience. Sometimes being a parent can be very trying.~

~Just being home with the little ones.~

~The excessive unusual rain. It has been much needed.~

~My small stash of yarn and fabric. It will keep me busy until we can afford to buy new materials.~

~The ability to be on this Earth and be autonomous.~

~My beautiful plans for our future family farm.~

How about you? What are you feeling especially grateful for these days?

~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

: Thursday : Nature :

Mother Nature has been acting stranglely around here. It is still threatening to snow, let alone just being very cold and rainy out. This time of year, we should be starting to experience the drier heat. So, honestly I haven't been entirely inspired to go out much. But somehow, I always catch some sort of glimpse of the natural world.

The younger 2 boys love this patch of flowers along our neighborhood walk.We made up a song for them as they run around the flowers, laughing. It is to the tune "Ring Around the Rosey".

Ring around the flowers,
Circling for hours,
Laughter, Laughter,
We all have so much fun.

Then, one day, it began to rain, so we changed it a bit.

Ring around the flowers,
Under the rain showers,
Laughter, Laughter,
We all get nice and wet.

This is just a common birdy in our region, that which I photographed from my dining room.

This is the boys' prized moss garden after just having been routinely watered.

Perhaps we will get out more this week, especially if the weather clears up some. I would like to get going on our belated garden...we are still figuring that out.

: Wednesday : Love :

I have discovered and been in love with reading Farmama, my most inspiring blog of all.

I really have been enjoying diatomaceous earth. There are so many wonderful uses in the garden, for animals, for humans. I love it!

Knitting is a lovely craft I have recently revisited after not having done it for what seems to be a year. I love each and every stitch...the clicking of needles....the color...the natural fibers....the journey toward creating a special thing.

I am excited about the quilt I have first quilt. It is very basic, but I love to watch it unfold.

I can't believe I am saying this, but I am loving this much needed rain, even though I am more fond of sunnier days.

I love cloth daipering. Actually, I have been cheating for the last year since my young one became too chunky for his wool soakers. Icky disposables! I just got lazy. I am going back. Plus, I like it when they're hung up on the clothesline.

I am coming to find that I love the art of homemaking.

I am quite enjoying storytime with the boys. We love sharing the possibilities of our imagination.

I love the full moon.

What are you loving right now?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

: Tuesday : Creations :

I am more than determined to finish Jared's Summer Solstice birthday crown this week....
I made individual pieces and embroidered them onto the cut out felt in a rainbow progression.....
We have tons of purple flowers native to our region and blue birds (well, jays)......
Trees are always a recognized element of nature in our home and cherished by the kids.....
The boys are going to have a sunflower patch.....
The boys have this great fascination with insects, especially lady, carrots are a staple in our home and fun for Jared to dig up in the garden.....
I put the 2 pieces of felt together and made a blanket stitch around the perimeter.....
I have yet to complete his fantastic crown.

Additionally, I have completed this enchanted little set....
The 6 gnome dolls......
And stitched up some wool felt beds.....
I placed them in a basket from the recent basket trip at the thrift store and put a silk in the need to wrap up this little gift....

My friend, Jenna, and I decided we are going to start a knit-along. She is trying to get pregnant for the first time, so I suggested we each make her little-one-to-be a sweater. She said she wanted to wait until she is at least pregnant...can't blame her. So, instead we decided on a couple wash cloths for starters....
I sit drinking my herbal tea and knitting quietly...When I am finished with the set of 2, I will provide the links to each free pattern.

Happy knitting, sewing, needle felting, painting, crocheting, sculpting........creating!