Monday, May 24, 2010

: Monday : Nourishment :

This last week has been filled with delicious home-cooked improvised meals. Even through these hard financial times, we still try to provide healthy, sometimes organic, unprocessed, balanced meals. The only difference from when D was working is the recipes we choose have fewer ingredients, have ingredients that can be bought in bulk, or that simply have ingredients that will be cheaper, thus lighter.

Tofu Stir Fry is easy and open to whatever ingredients you may have on hand, plus it is fun because it is never quite the same each time I prepare it. This time, I had red, orange, and yellow peppers (they were on sale), snap peas, zuchinni, onions, firm tofu, sesame and vegetable oil, soy sauce, and flax seeds. It was excellent. I also made a wild rice blend (which is nice and beet stained), organic beets, and their greens.

I took more colorful peppers, carrots, onions, and a few spices and sauteed them in olive oil. I then added leftover organic whole grain spaghetti, about 6-7 eggs, and some mild salsa. I stirred everything together for a moment then let it sit over medium-low until our Spaghetti Omlette Pie was finished. We each had a slice, accompanied by some fresh organic dino kale.

Chili is always a hit in this house and exciting because it is always slightly different. The basic structure is to chop up several fresh vegetables, saute in olive oil, add canned goods, and toss in numerous spices. This time, I of course included the array of peppers, organic carrots, organic onions, yet unfortunately I had no greens to add, like zuchinni or green peppers. I also meant to add fresh parsley, but I forgot as dinner drew nearer. I added one can each of organic black, kidney, and pinto beans, and 2 cans of diced tomatos. I generally add about 3 Tbs chili powder, 1 tsp cumin, 1tsp italian seasoning, paprika, garlic, 1 bay leaf, and sea salt and pepper. It was superb!

To accompany our chili, Jared and I started a tradition of bread baking on Sundays. This honey wheat bread was fabulous!! We have been continually enjoying it and will until it is all gone. To see more about our bread making experience, check out : Busy Hands : Busy Minds :.

The kids have discovered a new beloved snack: Hummus on crackers...with slices of cheese (though we are currently out of cheese). Hummus, yet another creation that is varied every time, is so easy to make. We take a can of organic garbanzo beans, olive oil, a little water, and whatever else (this time it was italian seasoning). We blend it up and Ta Da! Easy, satisfying, and healthy.

Jared wanted a berry smoothie, so he suggested we take frozen berries and vanilla soymilk and blend them. I couldn't have agreed more. It was fast and delicious.

Food is a celebration of life and love and color and health...... I love to appreciate and recognize that which I nourish my family and myself with.

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