Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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This week has been a beautiful one, despite the lingering rain. There are always so many things I find that I love!

Blogs that I have found and now love include, but are not limited to 5 Orange Potatoes, Our Waldorf Homeschool Journey, and Teaching Handwork. So much Waldorf and Nature Inspiration!

I love blowing bubbles for Dylan and Jared (2 and almost 5). There were so many bubbles flying around our house last night, they kept forgetting to touch their homemade brownies. I couldn't believe how elated Dylan was. The more bubbles, the more intense the spontaneous giggles! It was magical.

I love the art of making handmade gifts for others. I was incredibly inspired a couple years ago, but having a teeny little baby made it hard to find time for such creations. I love making toys for the kids!!!

I love this book Pelle's New Suit. I have been reading it to Jared and it is so awesome! It shows the process of making wool clothing from sheering a lamb to tailoring the loomed cloth. He has a growing appreciation for the extensive process and he is really interested now in the sheep I keep telling him we are going to raise in the future as we build our small family farm.

I love salamanders! We have had several docile little visitors lately. We even watched one consume an entire earthworm in about a 15 minute period.

I love that Dylan slept through the entire night last night without rolling over to nurse even once. This is the first time ever! Yeah!! Peace and comfort!

What do you love?

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