Sunday, May 16, 2010

: Sunday : Reflection :

I am very grateful for this fantastic weather. It really motivates me to get up and do things and go places.

This week I plan on cleaning out some of the boys clothes and my own, taking the last of the plastic toys to the thrift store, and continuing to weed out anything that doesn't have a natural feel to it. We have almost completed this process, but it has been gradual because we are on a very tight budget and it is difficult to replace things with often more expensive items.

I plan on continuing to prepare Jared's handmade birthday this week. I am going to make a felt birthday crown, knitted wooden gnomes, maybe some knit hand puppets, and I have been working on six little knit gnome dolls. These are unlikely to get done this week, but I would like to finish the gnome dolls I have started. I will give an update on Tuesday as to their progress and give a sneak peek.

I want to attempt getting on my bike every day this week, if D doesn't have to study too much. I also need to get up earlier than 6am.. maybe 5:15 to start making time for meditation and yoga in the mornings again as I used to before the hectic life of babies and business and excuses. Springtime always inspires me to get back into shape and come back to center. Plus, the Farmer's Market is extremely inspiring because I always surround myself with delectable fruits and veges and other goodies. Lots of baked bread and rich homemade desserts lose their appeal as Summer draws near.

Most important this week is continuing to maintain the boys' rhythms. No movies during the week (we haven't had TV for about 6 years now....the young ones have never had television programming or commercials in their lives), bedtime at 7:30 (it used to be much more sporadic), daily rituals and verses, songs, stories, handwork, projects, nature ....... It all works very well for our family. I have felt more in control and things are not only more predictable for the boys, but everything is more predictable for me, as well.

We will see how the week actually unfolds....

What do you want to accomplish this week? What changes or goals do you have? How has last week treated you? What have you learned? Feel free to add any reflections you might have to the comments below.

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