Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Today is a day of reflecting on and appreciating things I simply love. It makes me happy and I love to share.

This blog, Waldorf Mama, is so colorful and warm and inspiring!
Likewise, This Vintage Chica also has bright, beautiful photos capturing wonderful little details of her life.

I have been enjoying revisiting You Are Your Child's First Teacher. I read this when I make the time to walk on the treadmill in the morning (when we take walks, we are stopping every few seconds, so I am not getting much of a workout unless I go solo on the treadmill).

I love Yoga Journal. Beautiful things we can do for our bodies and other people. Yoga Journal is an inspiring resource for daily meditation practice and gratitude.

I love owls. Here is a Papa Owl with little Rolly ...hand sewn from felted wool (woolcrazy) for sale on Etsy that I absolutely love. This pair of nesting owls is also a favorite of mine, also featured on Etsy.

Last Friday night, I went dancing at our local Cozmic Cafe during the Johnny Mojo's Blues Night. D kept the kids and I enjoyed my evening of me time. So rare.

I am loving the new Waldorf Inspired Charter School that I am 95% sure my entering Kindergartener will attend. It was like it was meant to be. It popped up out of nowhere right after I was talking about how nice it would be if we had one of those in our community. It is about a 45 minute country road drive, but well worth it.

I am loving motherhood, regardless of the recent Mother's Day. I just love the opportunity to create a world of love and beauty and possibilities for my young ones on a daily basis.

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