Friday, May 14, 2010

: Friday : Moment :

Friday is a great day for reflecting upon one event or moment from the preceding week. It brings focus and gratefulness to life's extravagant simplicities. I originally got the idea to use Fridays as a day to capture a recent moment in time from SouleMama. If you would like to start this tradition on your blog, feel free to link your moment in the comments down below.

On Wednesdays we try to make it to my dear friend's house in the afternoons after we meet her and a few other homeschooling mothers at the park. She always lifts up the rocks and the tree stumps that she intentionally put there for the purpose of occassionally checking out the life residing beneath. Dylan and Jared are always so intrigued by untangling the mystery of lively creatures they are to discover and rediscover. Jared is pictured here holding a friendly little garden snake. He quite enjoyed his new slithery friend.

In addition, I am grateful for many things in my life ~

: Singing Birds :

: Really good music :

: My Inner Strength :

: My mother and my Mother in Law :

: Dancing :

: Local Farmers :


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  1. Brilliant! Boys and nature are such a great combination!