Saturday, May 29, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

Friday was a day of celebration..a right of passage. Jared, my middle guy, graduated from his Montessori preschool here in the pines. This was certainly a journey for him, though he wasn't entirely fond of being put on the spot in front of the overstimulating room filled with onlooking parents and families. I caught several pictures at the ceremony, but my camera wasn't cooperating with the dark room, so I omitted several photos from the ceremony.

This was one of the happier looks on his bashful little face when he was up there.

Lukey (10), Jared (4), Dylan (2), and Daddy.

 Stage Play.

I am so proud of Jared's beautiful journey through this school year. He has bloomed and grown so much, I feel overwhelmed with happiness and yet sadness that my baby is now becoming such a big boy. I am loving this journey called motherhood and blessed to be given the gift of watching over these wonderful human beings as they grow.

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