Friday, August 27, 2010

: Thursday : Nature :

These photographs are reflective of our journeys to our special spot along the river, as seen this past Saturday.

These are a couple shots from within the garden.


: Wednesday : Love :

I love the changing of the seasons as I keep a close watch of nature.

I love learning a sense of calm.. I am a very hyper gal. It is good for me to slow everything down a bit.

I love being near the "Sunflowers" of Jared's kindergarten class. Watching these emerging children grow is so beautiful, especially since they are able to develop naturally and on their own.

I love the commute to Jared's school. Winding backroads with beautiful land all around is so much nicer than commuting on an ugly, often straight freeway in more populated regions.

I love having massive patience with my children...I wasn't always this patient.

I love this little list of ways to keep your relationship happy and close-knit, from a Buddhist standpoint.

I love friends, new and old.

I love the fact that there is hope for the future.


: Tuesday : Creations :


Our oldest son is turning 11 in less than a month, so I am positive his quilt will not be done in time, especially since I have not touched it for quite some time. I will try to get as much done as possible though. I would also like to make devil sticks for him. They are great for coordination and are fun for older boys. All I need are a couple of dowels and some tape.... I am going to raid the garage... Other than that, handwork has been on the back burner for me. The start of school and Daniel being home for almost 2 weeks has kept me quite occupied lately. Perhaps there will be a bit more next week....


: Monday : Nourishment :

It seems that I have but 2 photos from last week, although I made many yummy creations. I have waited so long to make this post, I am forgetting many of those delights of deliciousness.

Additionally, I may be forgetting any ingredients I have included in the following, but too bad ;o). This first selection appears to have had black beans, carrots, red peppers, red and white quinoa, onion, garlic, and spices and sea salt. Simple, wholesome, and delicious to the entire family. It goes great with some sort of green selection on the side, to create a balanced, filling, healthy meal.

Likewise, this meal was filling, as well. I utilized tomatoes, red peppers, onions, garlic, brown rice noodles, parmesan, ricotta, and mozarella cheeses, and spices. The pasta dish was accompanied by organic mixed baby greens and organic pomegranite acai berry dressing, both from Grocery Outlet (and the cheeses and pasta, too). The pasta and the dressing were superb.

I hope you all eat healthfully and with great enjoyment. Until next week....

: Sunday : Reflection :

Well, we got through a semi-tough week with Jared. He was having major attachment issues when I would attempt to leave him at school, but mid-Thursday he was turning those feelings around and by Friday he was incredibly antsy to get to school and share the day with his teacher and friends. I am so proud of him and yet I can't believe he is already beginning Kindergarten... This school year is going to be very satisfying and soul nourishing for Jared, I think. He already loves soup-making, bread-making, coloring with block crayons, painting in blue (he was telling me all about how it had to do with the ocean and the sky and the mist and the sea creatures...pretty open imagination...), reading stories, singing songs, and playing with his friends. I think those are all fun things to look forward to.

Additionally, Daniel is preparing to return to school on Monday. Only 15 weeks to go until his graduation, about 3 1/2 months...fairly lengthy when being a part of the situation. However, quite soon if one may look at the big picture. He is ready to return to school, so he can work towards completion. Truly, he can't wait to be finished and with a job, so the stress doesn't have to carry with him from many angles. The stress is on our whole family, but we are all hanging in there...Daniel's mother included...I would again like to express my gratitude towards her and her more than kind ways.

Lately, I have been feeling the impending autumn upon us, though it has still been quite summery. I can just feel the press to get everything reorganized in my home and adaptable to the changes in the weather soon to come. We still must find firewood, organize our closets and drawers in clothing more appropriate for cold weather, think about plans and festivals, etc....


Ok, I am back......I began this post last Saturday night and I haven't since returned. We are still adapting to Jared's school, the commute, Daniel's return to school, and all the other demands of life, as well. I just need to slow down, but I will do my best to catch up on my blog right now.   :o)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

Since Jared began school Tuesday and fully settled in by Friday, I have discovered a hiking trail that weaves for about 10 minutes (20+ with kids) until it hits the Cosumnes River. This trail is about 5 minutes from his school and on my route. It is quite a special trail, though. This trail was made specifically for disabled people, as the pathways are all beautifully lined with large river rocks and uniformly level, along with several flat bridges over a dry creek. There is even a plaque dedicated to those who took the time to make it for people who are physically challenged. I love this concept! Anyway, we have been there a couple times since discovering it and here is our photographic account of our journey, from the tree climbing, to the rock climbing, to the water play, to the sand creations, to the skipping of rocks, etc....