Saturday, August 21, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

Since Jared began school Tuesday and fully settled in by Friday, I have discovered a hiking trail that weaves for about 10 minutes (20+ with kids) until it hits the Cosumnes River. This trail is about 5 minutes from his school and on my route. It is quite a special trail, though. This trail was made specifically for disabled people, as the pathways are all beautifully lined with large river rocks and uniformly level, along with several flat bridges over a dry creek. There is even a plaque dedicated to those who took the time to make it for people who are physically challenged. I love this concept! Anyway, we have been there a couple times since discovering it and here is our photographic account of our journey, from the tree climbing, to the rock climbing, to the water play, to the sand creations, to the skipping of rocks, etc....


  1. Thanks for sharing! It looks wonderful, with a big climbing tree and the giant rocks.
    We are off to our river spot, where I expect to see some of the same scenes!