Thursday, August 19, 2010

: Tuesday : Creations :

It is time for back to school. What better way to start the year by making your blooming student some things for school. You could make a pencil or crayon carrier, a messenger bag or backpack, some new clothes, or whatever you can think of. So far, I just made a lunch set and a small pillow for rest time. Since Jared's school is so new, I will likely knit some little animal critters and maybe some felted food. I may also make another lunch set, just as an extra.

Shown in the photo is the lunch bag, four snack bags, a lined snack bag for moist snacks like apple slices or grapes, and a lined lunch bag. For more info, click here.

I first grabbed some thick breathable fabric and made an actual pillow.....

I then found some flannel fabric in the stash and created a fitted pillow case. For more information, click here.

Be creative, think about knocking off one to-buy on your list and actually make it for your young one instead. It is fun and so gratifying. It doesn't matter whether it is professional quality or not. It only matters that you enjoy and that your child knows it was made just for them, with love.

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