Monday, August 02, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

Well, other than the several visits I had with a few of my friends this past week and running errands, I hadn't much else in notable life journey. Saturday was a slight exception, though. Jared and I had a day to ourselves. We drove a ways to a yoga place in the pines where I met up with several other parents from Jared's school to engage in a workshop/potluck led by a 30+ year Waldorf teacher. There were a lot of excellent vibes working with them in groups. I have a great feeling about the headspace of several of these people. I think connections are being made and long-term friendships. Everyone is passionate about the education for their children and all pitching in to make this new school happen.

Furthermore, Jared and I made our way back to town to hit our local arts council to attend a pastel drawing class geared toward 5-13 year olds. Jared really loved working with these mysterious materials called pastels..sort of a mix between crayon and chalk....dry painting...a new concept in his mind. I cannot believe how fantastic a job he ended up doing. Such a meticulous attention to detail. An artist in the making.


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