Monday, August 02, 2010

: Sunday : Reflection :

Our garden has certainly had it's downfalls, even from the beginning of the season, due to late snowy weather and my own discouragement thereafter. Yet, it is doing so well. I absolutely love to watch it grow. Our bean plants have gone absolutely crazy, though there aren't any beans yet. Our pumpkin plants are steadily climbing the trellis and drawing closer to blooming. Our sunflowers continue to develop, as do our beets, carrots, chard, radishes, squash, cucumbers, melons, and a couple tomatoes. I love it! Plus, there are some random marigolds that are growing...must have been dormant seeds from last year because I never even pulled out the seeds this year. The boys and I just sit in the garden together and talk sometimes. It is such a beautiful environment for the children...and for me.

School for Daniel will be through in precisely 4 months...he has about 18 more weeks. Although, he is finally getting his second 10-day break next Wednesday, the end of the second trimester. His hard work is so admirable. I can never thank him enough for his sacrifice, as it will have consumed an entire year of his life by the end of 2010. He does just about nothing, but attend school, commute, and study at all times...and he is nearly 40, not your average 20-something-year-old youthful individual burning the candle at both ends. He is simply amazing!

These days I am actually having fun being frugal...well, to a point.... I am certainly trying to be positive. I am enjoying digging up free or nearly free opportunities in our community for the children and the family. For instance, I will probably regularly hit the blues in the plaza in town every week. We want to visit an aplaca farm or 2 in our community during Alpaca Farm Days in September. We do parades for the children. Guided nature hikes are fun. Other music events that are free or extremely cheap are always of interest to us. Carraige rides through town can be great fun for children. Free classes and workshops are superb. Simply gathering with old friends is a fantastic way to go, as well. And the list goes on as I continue finding new opportunities. Just goes to show it doesn't always take money to go out and have a little fun with the family and to be engaged with the community.

All we can do, all everyone everywhere can do, is live in the present moment, day by day. Cherish the good, rather than reflect on the bad. Now is all we have. Memories can always be made, no matter what. Have a fantastic week, everyone!!!

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