Friday, August 27, 2010

: Sunday : Reflection :

Well, we got through a semi-tough week with Jared. He was having major attachment issues when I would attempt to leave him at school, but mid-Thursday he was turning those feelings around and by Friday he was incredibly antsy to get to school and share the day with his teacher and friends. I am so proud of him and yet I can't believe he is already beginning Kindergarten... This school year is going to be very satisfying and soul nourishing for Jared, I think. He already loves soup-making, bread-making, coloring with block crayons, painting in blue (he was telling me all about how it had to do with the ocean and the sky and the mist and the sea creatures...pretty open imagination...), reading stories, singing songs, and playing with his friends. I think those are all fun things to look forward to.

Additionally, Daniel is preparing to return to school on Monday. Only 15 weeks to go until his graduation, about 3 1/2 months...fairly lengthy when being a part of the situation. However, quite soon if one may look at the big picture. He is ready to return to school, so he can work towards completion. Truly, he can't wait to be finished and with a job, so the stress doesn't have to carry with him from many angles. The stress is on our whole family, but we are all hanging in there...Daniel's mother included...I would again like to express my gratitude towards her and her more than kind ways.

Lately, I have been feeling the impending autumn upon us, though it has still been quite summery. I can just feel the press to get everything reorganized in my home and adaptable to the changes in the weather soon to come. We still must find firewood, organize our closets and drawers in clothing more appropriate for cold weather, think about plans and festivals, etc....


Ok, I am back......I began this post last Saturday night and I haven't since returned. We are still adapting to Jared's school, the commute, Daniel's return to school, and all the other demands of life, as well. I just need to slow down, but I will do my best to catch up on my blog right now.   :o)

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