Thursday, August 05, 2010

: Tuesday : Creations :

A rare pictureless post in Creations, I will briefly share a few projects I am both currently making and plan on making in the near future.

I have begun Luke's quilt. I have cut out merely a percentage of the amount of squares necessary. I am not even entirely sure about the meshing of the various fabrics. We'll see as it progresses from patches into blocks.

I am nearly finished with a dark blue version of the knitted bandanas...this is the 4th edition to the collection. I have yet to make reversible sewn bandanas, as well.

I am still needing to begin my farmer's market bag. I have to dig up some yarn, quite literally. My closet is an absolute mess currently. ....Ok, cleaning the closet is now on my To Do List.....

I want to play around with existing clothing to create entirely different clothing, such as making an attractive oversized t-shirt into a pair of fitted yoga pants.

I would like to make a circle skirt out of an old sheet.

And the list goes on.......

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  1. I think I really need one of those bandanas. The wind blows my hair forward in the car and a ponytail just ain't cuttin it. It is a source of huge irritation. Have you tried different patterns? Any favorite?