Wednesday, August 18, 2010

: Sunday : Reflection :

Reflecting will not be too difficult this week. I am very proud of Daniel for completing his second trimester, especially since it is a make or break situation. If the students test below 75% cumulatively within that given semester, they are required to retake the entire semester again, which creates a whole new set of problems, both financially and in matters of timing. So, he has certainly been one of the shining students in the classroom in his hard work and his resulting tests. We have but a short period now to complete his educational path and begin his career. He amazes me with his perseverance and meticulous attention to detail.

Additionally, he has been off of school for a week now and will return Monday. 'Twas a much-needed break...he is literally getting little grey hairs over this past year...I happen to like the look though :)  . It couldn't have been more perfect timing, though, because Jared was to start school the same week Daniel had off from school. We were able to take Jared to school as a family seeing him off for his very first day.....but then, Jared was really not happy about being left, though he has already made so many special friends. Daniel was there to occupy Dylan for hours, while I spent what ended up being the entire first day practically strapped to Jared in his lovely classroom. Actually, it was quite a pleasant experience and made me feel a bit sad that I cannot come in one day a week to volunteer (Dylan and the lack of day care make this an impossibility at this time).

The following day, we were having similar fears coming out of Jared. It is a fine line of putting one's foot down so as not to set a precedent that Mommy will give in to staying with Jared at his whining request, and completely disregarding his feelings by forcing it harshly upon him because it creates an inconvenience for me or simply just slipping out without a word. I will not do the latter two scenarios because it breaks trust and is a bit cruel to such a young little sunflower, as his teacher refers to the children of his classroom. I simply continued to remind him that I am allowing him to play with friends, and go on nature walks, and complete fun and nourishing activities, and so on.... and that the rest of the day is spent with Mommy and his brother, and later on, Daddy. We even found magic stones on the playground that he was able to transform into symbols of each of the beloved members of the family. That way we were always with him no matter what, as long he could reach into his pocket and connect with us.

Finally, an hour and a half into the school day, I was able to slip away after making it gently clear several times that I was going to return shortly and that he was in a safe, warm environment with his many friends. Apparently, after I left, he was a little sad when he looked up and I was gone, but he soon warmed up with no issues and resumed his school day with anticipation and excitement. By the time I picked him up, he was filled with stories and a positive outlook for his future journey at school.....fully accepting my absence.

You see, I knew he would be fine... he is quite simply a slow-to-warm up child...a balance between entirely shy and initially out-going. I am equally ecstatic about this group of children, parents, and teachers involved with our teeny little school that will grow right along with our children. There is such a connection between us all, similar to many of the connections I made years ago with the other parents and children when I homeschooled Luke through his homeschool charter academy. I look forward to the unfolding of both Daniel and Jared's education in the coming months and beyond.

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  1. The magic stones brought a tear to my eye. That is the sweetest thing! What a sweet boy! Glad that he starting to adjust too.