Sunday, August 08, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

I must say it was absolutely fantastic to be able to go out dancing with Daniel for essentially the first time ever without children present. We have dealt with nothing but our children throughout the years, and we have nearly never had a break together. So, last night, we were able to go see Johnny Mojo and his occassional female vocalist, Tess, and his talented band. We thoroughly enjoyed the mellow, intimate, grooving atmosphere, especially since we were able to carry on conversation free of interuption. It was so free flowing. Dancing was spectacular, as always for me, and Daniel was having an absolute blast. He needed a little release from his rigid studying. Additionally, we keep finding these local festivals encompassing the blues. Next year we will pay a visit to many of them hopefully.

I also thoroughly enjoyed taking the children to a school potluck at a park near their school that I never before visited. It was very low-key and intimate. We had a picnic of pretty healthy selections of food and played soccer with several of the children...our soccer ball was apparently the highlight to many of them. Dylan and I walked to the nearby creek and enjoyed the serene movement of the water and cool shade.


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  1. Glad to hear you both got a break!!!