Monday, July 05, 2010

: Sunday : Reflection :

~ Fourth of July and Stuff ~

We are not entirely "proud to be American", well, because we don't exactly fall into today's mainstream American culture and we certainly do not agree with many aspects of our government and the way politics and conducted.....and we do not agree with the original establishment of our country in any way, shape, or form, as well as many of the historical ongoings throughout the centuries thereafter.............. But it is fun for the kids to celebrate the fourth anyway. We were going to go to a local parade, but we missed it because we were a little busy. So, we simply made an American flag cake. I used a pound cake recipe, made lemon frosting, and decorated with rasberries and blueberries. I don't think I will go back to store-bought frosting. Homemade is too easy and too delicious. Later on, we visited Sacramento for the big fire works show at Cal Expo. We were going to check out the show over the lake in Tahoe, but I guess we'll hit that next year, and maybe stay the night.

Daniel had a moment of nostalgia when his buddy brought over his brand new Harley that he just purchased on Friday. He insisted that Daniel test it out, which is unheard of and totally trusting. What a guy. Daniel was gone a good half hour joy riding that beauty.

The boys enjoyed checking out frog books at the library and climbing the crooked tree out front. Climbing trees is always a highlight of their day.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, whether it was a Summery one or a Wintery one. Just enjoy laughing, loving, learning, living......

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