Tuesday, July 13, 2010

: Tuesday : Creations :

At long last, I have completed Jared's beloved quilt. I simply thought I would never complete it, especially with all the big talk of goals I had set for myself. I did indeed finish, though. The boys love it. Cozy, soft, warm, delightful, made with love......... Trippy pattern, I must say. I somewhat planned this, not really knowing what I would get and certainly not following any quilting rules. This was an experimental creation that turned out pretty darn good. I really like the blue, brown, and white theme, but next time I will omit the white border. Perhaps it would have been better without. I spoke with Luke about his future quilt and he tells me he wants a large quilt in vibrant red and blue....sounds a bit patriotic....we shall see what we come up with merely from the stash I already have.

In addition, I must do a slight alteration to the already handmade apron I found at the thrift store and still tie in those loose ends on the wash cloths. Those should be featured next week. Also, my friend and I are going to be starting a knitted lacey shopping bag soon. I will be choosing fabric for Luke's quilt and I will begin cutting all 315 patches. Oh man.....


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