Saturday, July 31, 2010

: Thursday : Nature :

This week, I haven't been out much with my camera. Perhaps, next week will look a bit different. I have been seeing a lot more worth capturing. It is just that I put it off until later and inevitabley never get to it.

So, here I am capturing another sweet pea in my yard with several buds that haven't bloomed, which is lovely, being that most of the sweet peas in the area are dying off in the dry heat of summer.

These are growing everywhere! On each stem, this flower resembles the miniscus of a water droplet on a surface, but when one looks closer, they will find hundreds of teeny tiny blooms that create the shape seen from afar. I was glancing around to figure out exactly what flower this is that grows everywhere this time of year where I live, but the closest resemblance is to that of yarrow or elderberry and I am pretty positive it is neither. If anyone knows what this flower is, that would be wonderful if you would share with us in the comments below.

There are numerous moths with elaborate patterns and varying colors that we see around all the time, from icy blue to buttercup yellow to oddly striped to..... you get the picture. I actually like this photograph because if you look closely, you can see Dylan in the house at the window looking up and pointing at the conversation piece of that moment.

Our cat is the opitomy of kitty cliches. He loves to capture mice, birds, lizards, moles....and apparently large bugs, too. I am not sure what this insect was, and though I feel bad for the little guy, I still thought this picture was pretty interesting. We generally do some saving of critters if we see our cat toying with them, though.

That is all for now in my sparse collection of this week's edition of Nature. Get outside and enjoy!!

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  1. I think that's a sweet pea. Is it a vine?
    We see a lot of them in red-violet on the side of the road this time of year...