Monday, July 12, 2010

: Sunday : Reflection :

Important aspects in my life worth reflecting upon are all magical to me....... my garden, my children's minds, putting together food to create a gourmet meal or baked good, putting together vintage items to create something new and useful, the way nature seems to work together in harmony with itself, the way love prevails over anything else, my children's laughter, the way they can find so much in such simplicity, like when they climb trees for hours.............

Perhaps I am redundant and a little obsessed with tree-climbing, for instance, but I must savor these beautiful moments because they are so important for my boys and I myself experienced tree climbing only a little during childhood. My only memories of tree climbing were the Eucalyptus trees near our house, which were either massive and bulky or had long thick extensions for balancing and laying upon. They were excellent for hours of enjoyment with the boys I used to play with.

Shown above are 2 madrones down our street that have been left unnoticed for over a year. It finally occurred to me to walk them down there and let them burn their energy and light up their imagination. This is going to be a regular hot spot. Awesome jungle gym!

I would also like to reflect upon my dear friend's patience. She stayed through the weekend and hasn't any children of her own yet. My children are high energy to say the least  and very demanding. It is hard enough to juggle them alone, but with a guest, things can be stressful and quite trying. I thank her for her understanding.

So, last week, the boys and I were learning about frogs, and this week looks like bubbles...or maybe rocks, gems, and minerals.....there are tons of books on hold at the library for the latter subject, but all my floating/bubbles books are slacking behind.

Anyway, I guess I will keep thinking, doing, breathing, being.......... Have a great week!


  1. There is absolutely nothing better than climbing a tree just to know you can do it. Wonderful photos..

  2. Lovely photos. Climbing trees is just so much fun!

  3. Such great trees! Wonderful, and your thursday nature post was so very beautiful too!