Sunday, July 11, 2010

: Thursday : Nature :

Probably the most exciting recurrence of nature these days is the friendly little fox that likes to hang around on top of the kids' play set and near the compost pile. He is so beautiful and sweet with his lovely sandy brown body and an orange neck and belly. His tail so fluffy and his nose and ears so sharp and cute. Luke and Jared nearly coexisted with the little guy yesterday when they were out by the garden. What a privelage to make distant friends with someone many only see on nature shows and in books.

So, there were numerous things to put in this week's nature gallery...

This is the butterfly I finally caught...on camera. Those beauties are always on a mission.... Very hard to catch them still.

Sweet sweet peas.

American River in Coloma

Red Poppies 'n' Sweet Peas

Honey Suckle is probably one of the most beautiful smells this time of year.

A beautiful web with its creator in the center, awaiting it's next meal.

I didn't even know blue jays landed on the side of a tree. How funny.

This is a gnarly looking face on the side of the tree the boys love to climb in our neighborhood.

I used to have this in my front yard at our old house. Such beautiful color!

Not-yet fully open.....

Ah yes, and the scorpion Daniel caught. We get those around here sometimes. This little guy kept attempting to strike. He wasn't too happy about being in the jar. We showed the boys and then let him be.


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  1. beautiful nature photos. how cool that you have a fox that hangs out in your garden! ive come to see foxes as enemy as i have chooks, but they realy are beautiful animals