Thursday, July 22, 2010

: Friday : Moment :

This moment : A typical tradition : The capturing of a memorable time within the last week : Generally, no words, though I like to bend that rule slightly : Inspired by Soulemama : Join in by adding your link in the comments below

This week in gratitude......
I am grateful for:

People openly speaking their minds with truth.

Cheap, simple meals that are still healthy and balanced.

Bare hands digging in the soil.

Having many people to love.

The deer not entering my garden but once this year...knock on wood.

Color.... colorful food, greenery in all sorts of plant life, the bright blue sky, the plethora of floral varieties throughout the year, people's hair and eyes, yarn, clothing.............

Dreams for the future.

How about you????


  1. Oh, bubbles are so fun! Cute picture!

    Here is our lucky moment:

  2. bubbles, our passion! everywhere, everywhen, ever! :D this is our moment.. Nice we from Italy!

  3. Love bubbles!! Here's our moment..

    Happy Weekend!

  4. i love bubbles...sadly I was never very good at catching them. Great moment!

    My Moment: A beautiful visitor to my garden.

  5. ::your lovely post
    ::a new baby in the brother's first
    ::3 fantstic boys to love and learn from
    ::preparing and sharing meals with my family
    ::being comfortable in my own skin

  6. Cutey bubble picture. Dyla is the cutest thrasher around. hahaha. I love the new pictures of yourself that you put up. Your hair is lovely.

  7. Great picture. I think all kids are fascinated with Bubbles!

    Here is our moment

  8. Awesome picture. Here is my moment:

  9. Great photo! I have been blowing bubbles for my little one in the kitchen today, and it's a sticky mess everywhere! Looks like fun :)

  10. So sweet! I love how you've captured the interaction between siblings.