Monday, July 26, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

Nothing new lately. No fun excursions. No visiting of exciting places. Just life. Many positives.

Our discontinued unemployment is supposedly going to be continued soon, which is extremely fantastic! We have a little more than 4 months of school to go... 

I just attended a parent meeting at my son's new Waldorf-Inspired Charter School and I am getting really good vibes from other parents and the teachers. Jared starts in 3 weeks. We are so excited.

I went to my increasingly good friend's house on Friday and we had a blast, kids included. We have decided to make it a weekly tradition.

I am feeling more organized than I have in quite a while.

I started doing more yoga lately.

Hmmm....not a whole lot else that I can think of...... So, I will leave you with this final thought:

~ Life itself is about the journey, not the pursuit of a destination ~

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