Monday, July 19, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

This weekend, we planned on taking the boys to several caves just south of here along the Sierras. We were planning on taking a day-long tour to the Black Chasm Cavern, the California Cavern, and the Moaning Cavern, but we decided expending the gas money was an impossibility at this time. Oh well, we make due in our region. We have gone nowhere recently, which sometimes drives us crazy, especially when we would always take little weekend excursions when Lukey and Jared were little.

So, I haven't much to show for journeys in our family recently, but here is a new picture story of one of our days down the street at the madrones.

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  1. EEEEeeee! That last picture of Dyla n the kitty is Suuuuper cute!