Monday, July 05, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

Three days and I haven't posted anything...I'd say I have been a little busy this weekend. Not that we truly did much to speak of. Many people were having parties and camping and so on. We laid fairly low around the house, cleaning, setting up soakers in the garden, playing with the kids.... We also took the boys down to Coloma again so we could make use of the new picnic blanket I made. The pesto pasta dinner we ate was perfect for a Summer evening picnic. I played some guitar, the boys played soccer and frisbee and just ran around, enjoying the shade. I also heard some groovin' reggae in the background over by the river, so I trekked over to check it out. There was a local band playing known covers at a campground nearby. It was perfect for Summer down by the river.

Jared is vaguely captured here approaching a very trusting doe. She just kept grazing and occasionally looking at Jared. He was able to get about a yard from her before she decided it was time to go. I caught him extremely close, but the picture is much too blurry. This was the clearest of them all.


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