Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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Making Due With What You Have.......

I guess that is the theme for the week....well, most weeks these days. I am certainly not complaining. I happen to enjoy throwing what I have in my refrigerator, spice rack, and pantry together. I have been trying to stretch food out between shopping trips, so this is definitely a skill I am refining.

This random creation was made with squash, celery, chard, sweet onion, garlic, organic black beans (we usually stock up on Aunt Penny's from Grocery Outlet....you would be shocked at how many organic foods can be found there), spices, sea salt, and anything else I am not remembering at the moment. This was accompanied by amaranth with a dash of spices and sugar...it is such a creamy treat for the kids.

This was an easy, surprisingly satisfying meal, which consisted of red and green tomatoes, yellow squash, and garlic, all of which are thinly sliced, kalamata olives, which I happened to have leftover in my fridge, olive oil, basil, and Parmesan cheese. I layered these ingredients twice in a casserole dish and baked covered 10 minutes, and uncovered for a remaining 20 minutes in a 425 degree oven. On the side, we ate leftover tiny little purple potatoes from the previous week's farmer's market and steamed kale. Delicious!

This is a frittata made with very few ingredients, but it was very good. I sauteed some leftover beets...yes beets.... squash, and sweet onion in olive oil. I added some handfuls of fresh spinach and beans (only to realize we didn't really need another protein...oh well), and then stirred in the egg/buttermilk mixture I made. I covered this and cooked it through on low. Easy as pie!..... or crustless quiche.

Daniel had a potluck at his school and for some reason I put it off 'til a little past midnight the night before he had to take something. I looked in the pantry for a moment to see what kind of grain I could use as the base of the dish. I grabbed wheat berries and cooked those while I cut up a leftover sweet potato and a few carrots. I sauteed them in olive oil....or was it butter? Either way, I spiced it up with cinnamon, sugar, chili, Italian seasoning, sea salt, pepper, and whatever else (can't remember....it was pretty late). In a bowl, I placed the vege mixture, the hot wheat berries, and fresh spinach, which naturally wilted from the leftover heat. It was really tasty. I wish he didn't have to bring it with him to school.

In addition to that, we have enjoyed several baked goods and oatmeal pancake breakfasts. I can't stop baking fresh banana bread over and over and making oatmeal muffins. Maybe I will find some new recipes to try this week.

Enjoy good eating and share culinary delights with your friends and family!


  1. Oh man, I soooo hate it when we make something spectacularly delicious for Eric's work potlucks and I am not allowed to dig in! I think we are making a tres leches cake for this month's potluck. I'm gonna have to make two of em I think!

  2. You cook a lot like me! I find it an inspiring way to cook, sometimes I feel quite talented when I'm feeding my family... (though sometimes I feel like I should be a better menu planner, and follow recipes more closely...)
    Your meals look super delicious!