Friday, July 02, 2010

: Friday : Moment :

~This Moment~
~A Friday Ritual~
~Inspired by Soulemama~
~No words...well, except the one word in the photo~
~A moment to be captured and savored~

I am grateful for.....

~Vintage linens
~The butterfly that finally stopped so I could take some photos
~Daniel being among the most understanding men...seriously
~Baby feet
~Cycles and Change
~A clean, tidy home
~The numerous people living for good causes
~The sun and the Earth

If you have a moment you would like to share or something you are grateful for, add your 2 cents in the comments below. Have an excellent weekend!


  1. Very sweet. All boys...I bet it gets crazy at times. Have a great weekend! Love your gratitude list.

  2. Great pic - it shows just how much fun they have together. Love it! Here's my moment for the week:

  3. That looks like a lot of good, energetic fun! Thanks as always for your gratitude list. You always make me stop and pause for my own gratitude. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I just had to let you know that a disco song came on my pandora when i started looking at this. With that music playing, it looks like Jared is getting his boogie on!


  5. I've really enjoyed reading your blog recently. The gratitude list is so inspiring! Here is my's very similiar to yours ;)

    Happy weekend :)

  6. how sweet! I'm so thankful for my sisters, and hope that my little guy will adopt friends who fill his need for siblings...

    our moment is about pretending to be birds: