Monday, July 05, 2010

: Tuesday : Creations :

This week's creations were practical, I would say, rather than recreational or apparel-related. I completed the other wash cloth my friend and I were making together, but I still must tie in the loose ends. Jared's quilt is so close to being, that binding takes a while to complete when done by hand. 

I started and finished this Summer retro picnic blanket from vintage sheets, pillow cases, and fabric, all from my stash, originally from the thrift store. It was experimental, really. I have never worked much with yellow before. The simple tutorial I followed was found at Rhythm of the Home.

I was getting tired of the thick, dark curtains on our dining room window, so I decided to use an old sheet to make sheers. I fit it to the window and decided thereafter that I would just leave the bamboo curtains as a border on the outside. It will be behind a table anyway, so length is of little concern to me. It lets in so much light now. It is not my favorite sheet selection, but I only had so many to choose from in what I have. It will certainly do for now.

....More to Come......


  1. All this creating and still you manage so many blog posts too...

    I am so in love with yellow these days, you blanket is beautiful! It reminds me of autumn, still summer, but heading towards golden days.

    (And, when I was little we were sometimes in Tahoe for the fireworks on July 4th. It's not a holiday we celebrate as a family now though, since our first daughter was born on July 4th, we just celebrate her instead!)

  2. I just love that blanket. The yellows are perfect for a summer picnic. Well done!

  3. Love love love that picnic blanket!!