Wednesday, June 23, 2010

: Wednesday : Love :

Being given the gift of deciding how one would like to raise their own children is something I love. I deeply enjoy being able to give such happiness to my children by doing the simplest of things and showing them the simplicity of the world and the beauty therein. Furthermore, being able to "design" Jared's birthday filled with fun and without spending much money at all is very gratifying.

I love how it still literally makes my eyes water when I see pictures of the boys when they were much younger. Oh, I love photos!

Staying home with the children in this major economic slump is something I love and truly appreciate. I thank Daniel for his enduring strength and my mother-in-law for her unceasing support.

I was browsing vintage on Etsy and I found many things I love. Check out this Pyrex Bowl or this Cookbook or even this Apron. This white dress is gorgeous....oh and so is this one.....oh my, this one is beautiful, too. This blouse is simply fantastic, as is this one.

In addition, I have noticed I am infatuated with Eric Clapton and the Blues within the last couple of months. He is particularly growing on me, though I have listened to him my entire life, along with several other blues musicians.

Speaking of music, Daniel and I have been drooling over the Wanderlust Festival for several months. It is a combination of yoga and about good vibes. It is so close to us...only about 40 minutes away, yet so far off...we just can't go this, I don't know what we would do with the kids. Here are a couple shots of last year's in Tahoe...
Photograph by Nancy Dionne.
Photograph by Seth Lightcap.
Photograph by Ryan Salm.
Photograph by Ryan Salm.

So Much Fun!!

So, now that I have devulged some things I love this week, how about you? I always love when you share.


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  1. Ok, this is random: I love...chameleon feet! They are like cute little mits.