Thursday, June 10, 2010

: Thursday : Nature :

I was a little disappointed the other night when I deleted several of the photos on my camera accidentally, but I still caught a few good shots of the natural world. Summer is drawing near. The changes in the seasons always offer new things to observe.

Golden Chain Tree in our neighborhood

Irises in our front yard. These didn't even bloom anywhere in the neighborhood last year, but this year there are splashes of color throughout the whole area where we live.

Iris Chrysophylla found in large patches along one of our hikes.

Rhododendron in our front yard, as well.

If someone knows what type of flower this is, that would be great to know. I looked around and had trouble identifying the species. To see it closer up, go here.

Vicia Cracca and California Poppies in front of a winery next to the local thrift shop I visit.

A toadstool of some sort nestled in the backyard on the edge of the woods.

I meant to take a picture of the Monarch Butterfly that landed on Daniel's shirt, but when I ran into the house for the camera and back, the butterfly had gone. We awaited it's landing just before we set up our campfire that evening, but instead I got this shot of an unknown moth. In fact, I recently glanced at something relating to this moth, but I can't figure out where I went online and I can't remember the name.

 I honestly do not have a clue what this is, but somehow its wings are so beautiful.

Embracing everyday beauty around us...focusing in on it...helps us to appreciate the simplicity, yet complexity of everything in nature. Paying attention to our surroundings offers a whole different angle on the world and keeps us in tune with change and seasonal patterns. Until next week.......


  1. Thank you so much for letting me know!

  2. Yep, a cicarda - we have them here in Australia all throughout the summer. Our summer days are a constant hum of the cicarda sounds and we spent our childhood catching them. Your pictures are just beautiful by the way :)