Sunday, June 06, 2010

: Sunday : Reflection :

I finally made it out to the garden this last week! All the late sporadic snow and hail and rain stunted my pursuit of gardening until now. I have been working on building a higher fence so the plethora of deer in the area don't come in and snack on all of our goods. I planted beets, squash, and pole beans so far. In addition, I set up planks in a fanned out fashion and built a hotbed (a miniature, in-the-garden green house)  and it is about 4.5' x 2.5'. There are 11 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes, purple mauve eggplants, a couple of peppers, 4 different cucumbers, and 2 types melons. There are 144 in all... We will see how these all grow. I have never utilized a hotbed before. I think the main concern is to give it proper ventilation so mold does not begin to grow.

Furthermore, we have all continued taking nature hikes nearby, I have been reading more about homesteading and getting extremely excited about it, I hung my clothesline up finally and I think I will start participating in "Wash Wednesday", a weekly ritual for many bloggers who love to capture the beauty of domesticity, I met up with an old friend whose son is the same age as Jared and have a history of playing together beautifully, and I have been continuing to knit quite a bit, which is wonderful because I hadn't done it for quite some time.

I have been slacking a little on Jared's quilt...maybe I will do more tomorrow. ((Sigh))

This upcoming week, I would like to finish most of Jared's quilt (I think I said this last, we will see). I am going to see my dear friend who came over last week. I plan on going to the park and meeting with a few other old friends. My mom is supposed to visit this week. We plan on making it out to the duck pond nearby. I will continue working on the garden, the fence, and on building a door.

I love this weather!!! I love the outdoors!! I love hard work and labor!! It is so gratifying. The mundane tasks of daily life have a certain beautiful, spiritual quality to them. The more I do manually and push myself, the happier I am, I suppose.

So, how was your week? Any goals for the upcoming week?


  1. Love your blog. Are you in northern(ish) Canada? Your weather sounds a lot like mine. Your weekend sounds a lot like mine, too, only the clothesline project will have to wait until next weekend.

    I'd love to see some photos of your hotbed on the blog sometime. Sounds like a project for next year...

  2. Very busy lady! My plans are very much the usual, go to work and sit, lol. I am still jogging in the morning half the week (the only days i have time in the morning).

    Made some righteous hummus yesterday. Made my own tahini and everything, added a jalepeno. My favorite snack ever!!!

    Thanks for sending me updates. I needed to get out of my own little world for a minute. Love ya Jayme.


  3. We are located in the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California. This year has been really odd with the weather. It seems to have shifted to a later winter this time around. I will be sure to take pictures of the hotbed and post them, especially when babies start to sprout.

    Love you too, Jenna. We made hummus again yesterday. And tahini does sound really good with jalapenos. Mmmmm.... Hey, good for you for getting out and exercising. I haven't been on my bike in who knows how long, and I haven't even gone on the treadmill in the mornings before the kids awake. I am so busy it seems I never have time for a work out. Maybe I can do 2-minute intervals of yoga throughout the day....((Sigh))...