Wednesday, June 09, 2010

: Wednesday : Love :

I love when the boys are playing nicely and don't know that they are being watched. This morning Dylan picked up a doll from its basket and kept talking to it and holding it like a baby, which is so cool, since he is still practically a baby himself.

I love the new school Jared will be know, the Waldorf-inspired Charter school I spoke of a couple weeks ago.

I love hands, for some reason...old worn out hands from a life of work, baby hands with little dimples at the knuckles, young hands, hands digging in the dirt, hands stroking a loved one, hands at work....

Knitting is a love of mine as well. I can take it anywhere and do a row here and a row there. It is much more flexible than utilizing a sewing machine, which is not so portable in any situation....though, I am beginning to love sewing as I get better at it.

I love getting out in the yard and gardening and building things (on a very small scale for now). I feel so empowered. I used to beg Daniel to do this and to do that, but I finally have realized I possess the ability to do just about anything; I just have to learn how to do it.

I love the babies in the garden popping up, namely the beets. We love organic beets and their greens in this house. The pole beans are peeking out too. Even though it is too soon to see any sprouts in the hotbed, I simply love the concept for those of us who cannot afford to build or buy a greenhouse.

I love the start of summer and the sun itself. It's warm, live-giving rays shine down and create such happiness and beauty.

I love hanging clothes to dry out in the sun and air. They are beautiful and I might be odd, but I think it is so much fun...and pretty to look at.

Most of all, I love Daniel for being about the most understanding person ever! There is a lot of healing and coming together and rekindling going on between us right now. It is beautiful!

What do you love this week? Feel free to express yourself or post your link in the comments below.

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