Wednesday, June 16, 2010

: Wednesday : Love :

As I was reading The Encyclopedia of Country Living, I found endless resources for homesteaders. I was drawn to this one company, Lehman's,  that has been a supply company for the Amish and others since 1955, so I looked it up on the web. It is fabulous! I want to make my own pasta with something like this and grind my own grains with this and also churn fresh butter with this. Oh, I do love doing things manually.

I also found this great site, The Woolery, which carries a great supply of anything necessary for fiber arts. Eventually, I want to get a spinning wheel, like the one shown. I won't raise sheep and alpacas for nothing. What a perfect way to making a sweater or mittens...raise your own sheep, shear them, card the wool, spin it, dye it with natural dyes, and knit a garment from it thereafter. How gratifying!

Speaking of knitting, I eventually want to make this cute Sparrow Eggs and Nest set for the kids to play with. Maybe I will wait until next Spring. I already have too many things on my plate as it is.

Additionally, I love our local Summer Solstice Celebration! We can't afford to go this year, but I will look forward to next year's. I do so love music and relaxation and like-minded people and the celebration of the season!

I love to watch everything grow in the garden and I am really beginning to love the results of the hotbed, especially the succulent cucumber plants sprouting.

I love when Jared says things that are seemingly too articulate for his age. I should start a quote book, so I remember some of the unexpected constructions of his words.

I love getting out on my bicycle. I have been off of it for quite some time now, but I began riding once again a couple of days ago. It is so exhilerating!!

How about you? What are you particularly enjoying this week?


  1. We celebrate the solstices and equinoctes as well. Only a few times have we done so with others, but mostly just as a family with little traditions that we've come up with over the years.

    I don't have a bicycle. I miss having one sooooo much.

    This week has been a rough one, so I'm enjoying all the little mundane pleasures of life, the small moments.

  2. I'm enjoying see my plants growing.
    My little one recovering from some throat infection.
    And the birds singing.

    Thanks for making me thing about this.

  3. I'm enjoying my kitchen and all the fruit that I picked up last weekend for a song. But your spinning wheel picture is reminding me of the thing I want to enjoy as soon as my LO goes down for her nap. :) When you are ready to get a spinning wheel see if there is some place you can try several out before you buy. I went into my local spinning store thinking I would get one thing and after playing for a couple of hours I wound up buying a different wheel. I love my wheel and really need to get back to the spinning. Thanks for the reminder. :)