Sunday, June 13, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

This week in journey reflects that of last. We haven't had the time to go anywhere else or plan anything else, so we went camping in our backyard once again, which is always wonderful. I am so grateful we live on the edge of the woods!

Captured by the light of the fire...I wish the shutter speed was faster in the dark. It is so hard to catch a shot without evidence of some movement.

Mmmmm...S'Mores!... Generally, the only refined sugars the kids ever have.

Asilhouette of chubby cheeks....

....And a cute little foot....

....Snowy Ashes....

The kids actually utilized the tent last night. I was so excited they got the full camping experience. I read Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to the little ones, while Luke listened nearby as he was mesmerized by the fire. Soon they all laid down and gazed up at the crystal-like stars above through the mesh and fell into a content mountain boy dream state. .....And now they are all awake again, as of 6 am..((Sigh))..So much for trying to have a moment of peace :). Hey, at least the night didn't end with sticky marshmallows in my hair like last week.

Enjoy this beautiful season and all it has to offer. Get out and take an evening walk, spend time at the edge of a lake, gaze at the stars, go camping, have a barbecue, spend time with friends and laugh well into the evening.... And if you are living in the Southern Hemisphere, as many of you are, reflect upon this last Summer and the next one to come.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! Must be great living on the edge of the woods.