Tuesday, June 22, 2010

: Tuesday : Creations :


I found a darning needle recently and I was able to finish up the experimental knitted checker board game. I didn't have a pattern so I had to improvise on the entire project.

I simply used bulky yarn that I had in my stash (I didn't have red, but I like the brown and black). Using size 10 needles, I casted on 36 stitches, and did 2 rows of garter stitch. Then each odd row thereafter was knit 2, knit alternating colors every 4 stitches, knit 2 at the end. Each even row was knit 2, purl the same alternating colors every 4 stitches, knit 2 at the end. Every 5 rows, the alternating colors need to be reversed. Make 8 sets of 5 rows (40 rows) and then garter stitch the last 2 rows in black. Cast off and tie in the loose ends.

For the bag, I used magic loop (double pointed needles work well, too). I casted on 36 stitches and knit in garter for several rounds, switched to stockinette for a few rounds, then continued in stockinette with brown until it was long enough to house the rolled up checker board mat and rock game pieces. I knitted 2 together and knitted one along the entire round to make 24 stitches now. Next round, I knit 2 together all the way around to yield 12 stitches. Then, I knit 2 together all the way around again, leaving 6 stitches. I pulled those tight, pulled the bag inside out, pulled the excess yarn through and tied in all loose ends.

For the rocks, I simply gathered several, painted them black and brown, and put them in a muslin bag with a yarn tie. Note ~ Flatter rocks are preferable because you have to be able to king your opponent.

~Birthday Crown~

I worked so hard on this crown to begin with and yet the elastic strap in the back that I just made today is mediocre. That is okay, Jared doesn't care about a silly old strap in the back. Neither do I. This crown will be well-loved. So, here is finally the end result.

~Pillow Cases~

I was going through some of my closet mess today and I came across these vintage pillow cases that scream out Summer and are just begging to be made into something new. Now, what to make?.......
Well, any ideas?

Beyond the finishing of these projects and the pondering of new projects, I have nearly completed a green knit bandana, which only needs knit ties on either side of the triangle. I am also about a third of the way through a wool brown one with various other colors throughout.

The quilt patchwork is complete. I just need to add a "frame", a backside, the batting inside, and figure out how to put it together.

The puppet is coming along slowly, but surely. Hopefully I can finish by Saturday when Jared gets the remainder of his presents (today is his exact birthday, but Saturday is when we will celebrate it).

I should probably make his card, too, and see if I can find those little wooden/knitted gnomes...I would like to embroider on them and give them to him as gifts, as well.

Busy, busy, busy.....


  1. Love that checkers set! I am a VERY new knitter, would it be very difficult if all you have knit is a dishcloth? Just tucked in to a winter hat for myself - a bit ambitious I am thinking! ;)
    Did you use wool felt for your birthday crown? If so, where did you find it?
    It's my little ones first birthday in a week, and I really want to make him one but cannot find wool felt?!
    Anyway, am loving looking at your creations. Beautiful pillowcases. I have stacks too and am still awaiting the perfect project for them. Let me know what you come up with!

  2. No, I think the checker board/mat would be easy to make....just make sure when you carry over your yarn as you alternate colors, give it some slack. Otherwise, it would be too tight. And yes, I used felt in a wool blend. I forget where I originally bought it, but you can find wool felt on the web if you google it.

  3. lovelovelove the checker board!!

  4. So many great ideas. I love the checker board and the crown is adorable. Thanks for posting them, I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  5. Oh my goodness, so much wonderful creating! the checkerboard is so neat.

    Hmm, the pillowcases... I would probably set aside the second one and never use it cause I would love it too much and never be able to decide what to do with it. The others would be fun in a summer picnic blanket!

    And the birthday crown is so so sweet. Happy birthday to you and your dear child!