Sunday, June 06, 2010

: Saturday : Journey :

~Backyard Camping~

Jared and Dylan helped weed the area for the campfire, gather and set up the rocks, and dig a pit.

Daniel wanted to take a picture of my dirty knees and hands.

I love a dirty little boy!

Dylan helping Daddy set up the tent.

Basket full of campfire goodies.

Nothing like reading a story to the children...I guess telling stories by memory is even better.

Ready to get roasting those marshmallows.

Daniel wasn't liking the flash on the camera. He thought it caught the essence of the night without it...though I look a little like a ghost.

Ah, that is a little brighter...

Sleepy little one...

The fun never ends...Dylan must have put his hand in a fallen melted marshmallow and then tried to climb up on Mama.....thank you for that wonderful suprise, Baby. It made me glad we were just in the backyard. :)

 Happy Camping to All!


  1. oh wow! it seems it was fantastic, isn't it?A camp with all the family, in a fairy forest, watching the fire, listening to a story, sleeping all together.. very exciting!

  2. Nice marshmellow hair decoration, Jayme. Ahahaha. I love it!