Tuesday, June 29, 2010

: Tuesday : Creations :

Creations....this can come in so many forms.....I have been creating music lately....I am 95% finished with the quilt......we have been creating many memories recently.......

......And I have finished these knitted bandanas. They are essentially identical to the purple one from a few weeks back. That and the green one are both made of yarn from recycled material and the variegated brown edition is 100% Peruvian wool. They are so comfy! Excuse the blurry self-portraits of me...it was about 1am when I took those shots. I was pretty worn out. :)

I enjoy this project because I can do it anytime, anywhere without referring to a pattern. However, next time I will find some fabric in my stash and sew a few....light weight, Summery, and quick to make. By the way, I was just thinking that brown yarn would make excellent Winter socks...hmmm. I should jot down these ideas..... Oh, yes, and I think I will make a Summer picnic blanket with that stack of retro pillow cases, as suggested by Renee, and I might follow this simple tutorial from Rhythm of the Home. And that is all for now. I am certain there will be more next week.


  1. I wish I looked good in bandanas. This is a cute project.

  2. I love that green! Great project. I should try wearing bandanas. My hair is always getting in the way and never seems to hold with clips.

  3. Yay! I finally got a comment to go through! :)
    I just started knitting recently and I am totally baffled at the beautiful things my friends make! Beautiful-great job!!