Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Essence Along the Bike Trail

I promised Jared that we would take him on a local bike trail this week, and so we did. My goodness, I just love Spring and it's endless changes and magnificent beauty....Actually, it forces me to climb insane mountain-sides at times, just to capture it's short-lived perfect essence....

I really loved the colors as I looked up toward the sky. Red and green are complimentary opposites, and the blue behind them was absolutely divine. 

 I was going to incorporate these yellow beauties in a yellow-themed post along with my yellow wacky quilt block, but I simply could not resist sharing these wonderful flowers right now.

More yellow heaven....and let me tell you, the scent was intoxicating!

I just love purple flowers! When Lukey was little, I used to always show him the plethora of purple wildflowers as we drove around our area. I find myself reflecting upon those days when I do the same for my current little ones. Ahhh........

My youngest is becoming so big and responsible. 

These fantastic flowers were a genuinely good reason to climb up a crazy hill. They are pretty much the same as the first yellow flowers shown above, yet they have a rich incorporation of red deliciousness! There were very few of these naturally growing among the many solid yellow versions. These were my favorite thing along our trek down the bike trail. 


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