Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snow in May?

Today was reflective of the crazy weather last year. Just days ago, it was warm and beautiful. All the plants were dressed in bright green and decorated with gorgeous flowers. Birds were singing, caterpillars were crawling everywhere, squirrels were playing together, the wind was like a refreshing whisper, the sun was a warm invisible blanket bringing life and transformation to everything......... However, today was a repeat of last year.... Snow in mid-May! How am I supposed to have a garden when it is snowing in May? Apparently, when the dogwoods bloom early on, cold is on the way. I have talked to friends and people in our community about this weather lore and lately this theory seems to be true. Thank goodness I have not officially planted anything in the garden as of yet. When we eventually run our own farm, I think we will either create a fantastic greenhouse or we will move down the mountain a bit where it does not snow nearly as much...or both.

Here is a photo from the back deck as soon as I awoke this morning. I would have posted this first thing in the morn, but we had no power for at least 4 hours.

Hopefully this is the last snow until next Winter. My fingers are crossed.


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