Saturday, May 07, 2011

Pianos and Gardens

We have been fairly busy this past week getting our new old Eurovan fixed up, getting our late garden started, getting Jared ready for his piano recital yesterday, working toward getting the school year finished, and of course dreaming about farming.

A couple days ago, Jared picked and brought me this bouqet of lovely!

 I just fell in love with these blossoms on this maple tree.

Our rhododendrons are in bloom.

This tulip is beautiful from this angle.

Miners lettuce is growing everywhere around our garden.

Jared and Dylan planted seeds a few nights ago.

Daniel was putting together our late greenhouse. This was a frame from a portable "garage" that we used to use when we had no garage in previous homes. 

Thrown together organic spinach salad with grapes, apples and pecans (due to the lack of walnuts).

Homemade wheat/oat dinner rolls.

Finally making strips of hexies...perhaps I will make a few more today and start to put them all together.

 Busy Boys.

And finally, Jared's recital. He played 3 tunes: SeaBees, Fortune Cookies, and Climbing the Music Ladder. He has such stage presence! I was so proud to see my little shy boy coming out of his shell. In fact, he was extremely proud. To think he is only still 5 years old! I think he was the youngest child there. What a guy. :o)

Have a Fantastic Weekend, Everyone! Enjoy the sun.


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