Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Making Stuff

We have been a bit busy around here, both indoors and outdoors. Daniel has persistently been looking for work, now that he officially has his nursing license. Yay!!! I have been working outdoors on the garden and the property, doing what I can with what we have. The boys have been helping a lot and exploring the world of the outdoors quite a bit lately. I am slowly leaning toward preparing all of the food I can from these two hands and our family farm.. Well, I don't want to jump ahead too far, but I have been coming up with some different ideas for snacks. Not to mention other things, like my successful butter-making and my not-so-successful cheese-making (we'll have to try that one another time).

Anyway, the other day we enjoyed "Moon Crackers", essentially made with wheat flour and oats.

The boys thought it fit to bake banana bread, since the bananas were getting a little too ripe. 

Also, I am not one who crochets, but my friend was crocheting a cotton dish sponge when she came over for a visit, and I asked her to show me how to make them. So, once I figured out the basic concept, I began making a few. I love how it feels to wash the dishes now, especially since I decided to abandon using the dishwasher anymore. These cotton sponges are natural, cute, easy to wash, effective, cleaner than standard sponges, and durable. 


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