Thursday, July 28, 2011

Easy Patchwork Checkbook Cover

I decided to play around with patchwork on a teeny level. So I made a check book cover that matches my blue corduroy purse. It was so quick and easy! I got a few yards of different corduroy from my friend, but it sits on the top shelf of my fabric stash because I am not likely to use this type of fabric in my quilting. I am so glad I found a use for it, besides for boy's pants in the back of my mind.

So, I simply cut out a 4"x7" piece of blue corduroy, in addition to a 9"x7" piece. These 2 pieces will have a patchwork strip between them, which is what the rectangular scrap pieces are for. 

Here, the scrap pieces are sewn together.......

I have now trimmed the patchwork strip to about 1.75" wide. 

I sewed the corduroy pieces to the strip....

You just place the resulting 7"x13" piece with another piece of fabric in the same size (this strip of fabric will be the inside of the checkbook cover). Place them right face toward each other. 

 I sewed 1/4" around the edges, leaving a 4" spaces to flip it right side out. I cut the internal corners before I flipped it, so they would have more room to become proper external corners. Then, I sewed along the patchwork seams, which I should have done before I sewed the backing on to the front layer.

I then folded the finished piece over itself 2.75" on each end. I scantly sewed up the edge of the pockets being made on all 4 sides.

And there you have it! A check book cover with style! Here is an inside peek of mine. 

And, basically, this is the final checkbook cover! I love it!!!!

I am not a pro at creating tutorials, so if you have any questions about anything I may have left out or made unclear, please feel free to email me or post a comment below. This was easy and enjoyable! If you are a beginning seamstress or quilter, I recommend this cute little project, especially because it is so functional and basic. The main focus is to enjoy and not worry about perfection. It is about the process, not the absolute precision of the final result. :o)


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