Sunday, July 24, 2011

36 Patch Quilt Along ~ Week 3

Previously, I stated that I would make one block per week, but after seeing the tutorial on Crazy Mom Quilts, I decided to try a few blocks. It is so much faster and efficient to cut out strips, sew them together, cross cut them, arrange them in an offset fashion, and sew the staggered crosswise strips together. Voila! So much easier than cutting 36 individual patches and assembling them together, one by one. It was so easy and fun, I ended up making 6 blocks today. They are pretty busy and wild, but I suppose that is the look I am going for.

As I mentioned before, I have about 7 quilts in progress:

1. This one
2. "The Hexie Quilt" (this one is going to be pretty drawn out... tons of handwork)
3. "Lucy's Baby Quilt" (My best friend is having her first child... I just need to get a different presser foot so that I can attempt free motion quilting)
4. "The Wacky Rainbow Quilt" (I had the red block completed and the orange one nearly completed, but I almost feel as though I should make this quilt differently...hmmm)
5. "Jared's Quilt" (Again, waiting on the presser foot)
6. "In the Garden Quilt" (I created all the blocks on this large quilt as a way to practice making disappearing 9-Patch blocks.... After making these, I proceeded to make the same style blocks for Lucy's Quilt.... Currently I have 95% of this quilt top done...I will show it soon)
7. "The Autumn Quilt" (I made this last year and it has sat in a drawer waiting to get the binding sewn on it....I will do this a little closer to fall)

There are just too many consecutive quilts.... I need to pick up the pace and get these done if I ever want to move on to my plethora of ideas for new quilts. I now have 8 completed blocks of 36 total, just one block short of a quarter of the way finished. I wonder what fabric combos I should use next...


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  1. That second block is my favorite. -Jenna