Sunday, March 18, 2012

Valentine's and St. Patty's Days

It certainly has been a while since I last posted. Doesn't mean we haven't been super busy, though. I guess I will start with a holiday summary.

Valentine's Day was busy, but mellow. Dylan had a party at his Montessori preschool and the boys and I had a teeny celebration at the park with my dear friend, Shannon, and her children.

Jared made these Valentines from cut up magazines and paper bags. We love to be resourceful!

Mommy helped Dylan to sew these select vintage Valentine images printed from the internet. We glued fabric to the back of each and then he sewed them...well, some of them. It got pretty tiring. :)


St. Patty's Day was fun for all the boys. We dressed in green, listened to some Celtic music, smelled the scent of Irish stew in the crock pot, made some crafts, and just had fun. 

This vegetarian Irish stew was awesome!!

This was a fun fruit rainbow with a cloud and a black cauldron of gold, aka banana slices. I am glad I have a photo of it because the boys looked like a pack of wolves and the platter was empty within a minute.

All in all, we had some lovely celebrations and I am sure more to come. 


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