Sunday, March 25, 2012

From Tea Garden to Sushi

We walked across the courtyard from the Japanese Tea Garden to the California Academy of Sciences because it was a special free admission Sunday. 'Twas a bonus to the day...

 Amazing carvings. 

 Awesome outdoor stage. Very Romanesque. 

 I just noticed this is the same courtyard shown in the film, "Contagion," which we saw 2 days after visiting the place.

 Always a tree hugger.

 Whoa, this was essentially parallelogram architecture across from the museum. Cool!

 We embark up the broad steps.

 Ooooh, Jellies!

 Look at the nose on that guy in front of Dylan.

 "Excuse me while I get past you."

 Stare down.

 Beautiful chameleon!!

Pretty spider.

 Some of the coolest poison dart frogs!

 Tree frog on the glass...

 Tree frog toes.

 Double vision.


 The courtyard is more beautiful at night.

Practicing using chopsticks is apparently more amusing than drawing. 

 Someone was tired..

Apparently, everyone was wasted. Nighty night, boys. 


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