Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Turquoise and Red: 2 Colorful Friends

I haven't browsed Etsy for a while. You know, the handmade and vintage collective. I have been loving the idea of creating a vintage/rustic/eclectic look, well, everywhere in my home. But in the kitchen is where I see perhaps a lot of white color and natural wood, with several red and turquoise accents. Those 2 colors are so lovely and happy together. They incorporate warm and cool, they are nearly opposites, thus complimentary, and they just have a rich fun feel to them. So, I found some art and accessories that I just love from several Etsy sellers. I hope you enjoy my little collection. 

This one is a photo of a rustic door in Venice. The locks and hinges are so cool. So is the blue bird that happens to be perched above the brilliant door.

 There are so many things I can imagine serving in this bowl.

 I love beat up red barns. They have such history and silent mystery.

When done right, altered photos can create a mystical version of what was already stunningly beautiful.

These handmade throw pillows have such an authentic vintage feel to them. The fabric appears to have images from around the 1940s. So Cool!

So interesting how one can create an aged, retro photo and it ends up looking better than the clearer, more accurate, original version. 

 This looks like a newer sign, but it still carries a heavily rustic feeling, especially when placed against bricks. I really like the little messages that would subliminally reinforce positive thinking when glanced at.

I can picture these staggered on a wall together with simple black and white photos of my boys. :)

 This is such an attractive little trinket box!

Though I do not have a daughter, I still adore this darling little outfit!! Just So Sweet!

 These are awesome door hanging decorations. Cute. The kids would probably take them down to use for imagination play. :)



  1. It is so beautiful!!!
    I like it so much.
    So inspiring.
    Kelim Pottery

  2. Thank you Jamie for including me on your blog with all these beautiful items! I like so many of them, too, especially the subway sign. You have a great book selection for kids, too. Have you seen Runaway Bunny by the author of Goodnight Moon? It is awesome, too.

  3. Fabulous post with so many great images! I love this colour combination so much! Thank you for including me :)