Monday, March 19, 2012

Asian Art Museum

Several weekends ago, we went to San Francisco for a Japanese field trip for Jared's unit study we were working on at the time. We visited first the Asian Art Museum, then we drove through Japantown, on to the Japanese Tea Gardens, spontaneously to the California Academy of Sciences, and finally to a sushi dinner. There are SO many images I want to share from the museum alone, that I have to keep that my focus for this post. We had a superb day with the entire family. I hope you enjoy the photos. Flash was, of course, not allowed, so I did my best. ;)

 There was quite a line in front of the museum, so me and the younger boys wandered across the street to check out the Chinese New Year's Dragon. It's scales are made from recycled CDs. So cool!

The museum had a basic progression of Asia. It started with India and those southeast regions, then went on to China heavily, Korea a bit, and on to Japan. 

Just Gorgeous.

Money tree.

I love how Buddha is a recurring figure through the Asian cultures.

 Ergonomic Japanese Seating. Love it!

Japanese Tea Room.

Uhhh! This place was awesome!!! It probably would have been more awesome had Daniel and I been kidless...only in the sense that we could have spent a lot more time there absorbing and learning the history in depth. We had a great time with the kids, though, despite their waning patience at times. :)


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