Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In the Garden Quilt Top

I finally pieced together the few strips I had left myself with. Now I have a quilt top on which to practice free motion quilting. This was a sample quilt before I made my best friend's baby quilt. If I screw up on this one, it won't be so critical. Plus, any flaws will blend in with such a busy pattern. So, I took this photo when the light was getting dim. The colors are not as rich and accurate as one would see them if looking at it in person. Oh well. Maybe when I take a photo of the finished quilt it will be sunny.



  1. Pretty! None of my pictures of crafty things, or many other things for that matter, do the colors justice. -Jenna

  2. I like your quilt. Having something like that to practice quilting on is wonderful. You can keep it and watch how you have progressed.